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     Improving Shop Efficiency and Profits Through Better Numbers

     What You Can Measure, You Can Manage



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We monitor your average ticket amount to help you identify opportunities to increase it while still meeting your customer's
needs & wants. All the while, 
developing and maintaining your trusted advisor relationship.

A good tech can go to work almost anywhere. Here's the question... Why should they choose to work for you? What is unique and special about your shop? We can help you answer that question in a way that matters. 

Improve your

Average Ticket

Just Right

Car Count

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"It's been so good to find accountants  that are interested in more than just producing forms I don't understand. They help me understand what is going on in my shop and how to make it better."


Profits can be increased here without having to increase labor rates. Look at your shop's optimum capacity and how your production compares to that capacity. We then work with you to identify opportunities for improvement.

better Production Efficiency

1) You will pay the least amount of tax allowed by law while we make you as audit proof as is humanly possible.

2) You will see improvement in your Production Efficiency, Just Right Car Count, Average Ticket, and Hiring and Keeping Good Techs.

3) We will handle your bookkeeping for you so you can spend more time doing what you do best, delivering awesome customer service.

4) Our services are provided for a flat monthly fee with no contracts and no surprises beginning at $150.00 per month.

You Keep Cars 
           Running Right...

We Keep Shops 
           Running Right.

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Our Services and Pricing

More is not always better. Is your car count where it should be. We measure it and help you determine where it should be in light of your number of lifts, techs and the most profitable work you want to do.. 

Hiring and Keeping good techs